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COD Type Description
700362BRU 8x30 INOXEsagono incassato 6
700367BRU 10x30 INOXEsagono incassato 8
COD Type
COD Type
162110DR 8 INOX
162210DR 10 INOX
COD Type
161963JDA 8 INOX
161966JDA 10 INOX
COD Type
161973JDRP 8 INOX
161976JDRP 10 INOX
COD Type
700310DRP8 INOX
700320DRP10 INOX
COD Type
700260ANG2 90/S INOX
700263ANG2 45/S INOX
700266ANG2 60/S INOX
COD Type
161005ANG 90 INOX
161105ANG 45 INOX
COD Type Description
164505BU 8 INOXTesta esagonale 13
700370BU 8x20 INOXTesta esagonale 13
700376BU 10x25 INOXTesta esagonale 17
COD Type
164010RO 6 INOX
164110RO 8 INOX
164210RO10 INOX
164251RO12 INOX
COD Type
162510D 6 INOX
162610D 8 INOX
162710D 10 INOX
162751D 12 INOX
COD Type
163201TR 6 INOX
163301TR 8 INOX
163501TR 10 INOX
COD Type Description
161221PA 30 INOXPF1 INOX
COD Type Description
COD Type
700209PF3S INOX MT1,5
700210PF3S INOX MT3
COD Type Description
264900BF/ 61 mt
265000BF/ 81 mt
265002BF2/ 82 mt
265100BF/101 mt
265102BF2/102 mt
265200BF/121 mt
265300BF/141 mt
265400BF/161 mt
265500BF/181 mt
265600BF/201 mt
COD Type Description
163210AN 6M6
163310AN 8M8
163510AN 10M10
163610AN 12M12
COD Type Description
163250ANRM6-M8 / M6-M10 / M8-M10
COD Type
264910BF/ 6 INOX
265010BF/ 8 INOX
265110BF/10 INOX
265210BF/12 INOX
COD Type Description
COD Type Description
262601A 8-1/2"M8-G1/2"
262701A 10-1/2"M10-G1/2"
262900A 8-12M8-M12
262901A 8-10M8-M10
262902A 10-8M10-M8
COD Type
163211AN 6 INOX
163311AN 8 INOX
163511AN 10 INOX
163611AN 12 INOX
COD Type
160350TPF 3
160450TPF 4
COD Type Description
163320SNO 8M8xM8
163520SNO 10M10xM10
COD Type For pipes Ø mm
165720RP 10-160
165721RP 250-160
COD Type For pipes Ø mm
165730RR 150-150
165731RR 2100-300
165732RR 3200-500
COD Type For pipes Ø mm
165701RV 2100-180
165702RV 3150-250
165703RV 4200-350
COD Type For pipes Ø mm
165760SE 10-80
165761SE 280-180
165762SE 3180-300
165763SE 4300-500
COD Type
161040ANS 90 3D Sx
161044ANS 90 3D Dx
COD Type Description
161400R 11 foro
161410R 22 fori
161420R 33 fori
161430R 44 fori
COD Type Description
161490R 103 fori
161540R 154 fori
COD Type Description
165501MOR 8Certificazione VDS
165502MOR 10Certificazione VDS - FM
165503MOR 12Certificazione VDS - FM
COD Type Description
162340DMPR 8x30Ranella 40X3
162342DMPR 8x60Ranella 40X3
162350DMPR 10x30Ranella 40X3
162352DMPR 10x60Ranella 40X3
COD Type
161960JDA 6
161962JDA 8
161965JDA 10
161968JDA 12
COD Type
162060DRP 06
162120DRP 08
162220DRP 10
162320DRP 12
COD Type
164101ROP 8
164201ROP 10
COD Type Description
164520BU 12Testa esagonale 19
COD Type Description
161228PAP 30Profilo PF3
161230PAP 50Profilo PF3
161233PAP 75Profilo PF3
161235PAP 100Profilo PF3
COD Type
160302PF3L MT3
160305PF3 MT3
160306PF3 MT6
160400PF4 MT3
COD Type

* *per le caratteristiche tecniche riferirsi alla "guaina isolante in EPDM"

COD Type
161920JDM 8x30 GRIP
161922JDM 8x70 GRIP
161930JDM 10x30 GRIP
161932JDM 10x70 GRIP
COD Type
164000RO 6 GRIP
164102RO 8 GRIP
164200RO 10 GRIP
164250RO 12 GRIP
COD Type
164270RO 14
164271RO 16
164272RO 18
164273RO 20
COD Type
163200TR 6
163300TR 8
163305TR 8x70
163500TR 10
163505TR 10x70
163605TR 12X115
COD Type
162500D 6
162600D 8
162700D 10
162750D 12
162800D 14
162801D 16
162802D 18
162803D 20
COD Type
162001DR 6 GRIP
162101DR 8 GRIP
162201DR 10 GRIP
COD Type Description
164500BU 8Testa esagonale 13
164503BU 8X20Testa esagonale 13
164511BU 10Testa esagonale 17

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