No Train, no gain

We believe that the synergy with the customer is increasingly important to grow up together, with mutual satisfaction. That’s why we constantly support our suppliers providing technical support and training courses that are focused on all kinds of fixing related issues.

We provide different training levels:

  1. To retailers’ salespersons we offer training courses that are focused on the various fields of fixing and fastening systems. The aim is training them professionally in order to make them able to support customers and fully satisfy their needs.
  2. To retailers’ customers installers and architects – we provide customized training courses related to specific topics of interest, such as anti-seismic fixing systems or topics related to fixed points, expansion and so on.

Another series of events we plan are the so called “Infodays”, which are informative and promoting days we plan in stores, in which one of our experts shows you our best products and catalogue’s new entries, giving you the chance to ask for precious advice for your projects.

The Technical Material

During training courses and promoting days in stores we provide technical material and handbooks that are particularly useful to find the right fixing solution for any kind of installation.

An example is the INDUSTRIAL FIXING HANDBOOK – a useful and handy tool – that you can receive by attending one of our training courses about industrial fixing, or sending a request to

How? Where? When?

Contact the sales agent of your local area to plan your next training course or promoting day. Together with one of our experts you will arrange place, time and main topics of the event. If no agents are available in your local area, call us at +39 0321.77.71.42 or send an email to , and we will plan the event together.