Small stainless steel pipe clamp

Light duty pipe lines fixing

  • Resistant: suitable to be used in chemically aggressive environments.
  • Composed of a folded and stiffened metal band, locking screws, double thread hammering screw and a Giolli plug.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Stainless steel AISI 304 – EN 10088

  • SCREWS = Stainless steel AISI 304 – EN 10088

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Fastening Thickness Width Size Traction Cutting
084012CX 1212M6112364030
084015CX 1515M6112444030
084018CX 1818M6112444030
084022CX 2222M6112474030
084028CX 2828M6116534030
COD Type A B C D E H M R S
084012CX 1211236M6TE/TC COMB 5x1051M6630
084015CX 1511244M6TE/TC COMB 5x1051M6630
084018CX 1811244M6TE/TC COMB 5x1051M6630
084022CX 2211247M6TE/TC COMB 5x1051M6630
084028CX 2811653M6TE/TC COMB 5x1051M6630

CX 28

COD Type A B C
084012CX 12403030
084015CX 15403030
084018CX 18403030
084022CX 22403030
084028CX 28403030

Venduti in Busta trasparente

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Packs for packing
084012CX 120,20,180,12510020
084015CX 150,20,180,12510020
084018CX 180,20,180,12510020
084022CX 220,20,180,12510020
084028CX 280,20,180,12510020