EnerGIA - KIT 4 – Aluminum front and rear fastening kit

Used to install a vertical solar thermal panel complete with structures and accessories. // Suitable for panels with M8 holes on edges or grooves for TE M8 hexagon head bolts.

  • Modular and universal solar panel fixing kit.
  • Different modules can be assembled by using the so called “CON/AS” joint.
  • Resistant: suitable to be used outdoor.
  • Its light composing material makes it easy to install while ensuring a high load-bearing capacity.
  • Universal and fast anchoring on every kind of roof: it is supported on roofs with sloping pitch and on structures for flat roofs.
  • The kit consists of: – 2 “PF3S ALLUMINIO MT1,5” aluminum strut channels; – 4 “STAFF2” front and rear brackets for safe support and anchoring; – Connection bolts for roof fixing plates; – Assembly instructions.

Material technical data

  • COMPONENTS = Stainless steel AISI 304 – EN 10088

  • STRUT CHANNELS = Aluminum AW 6060 – EN 573.3 (chemical composition) – EN755.2 (mechanical properties)

COD Type
COD Type A B C D
700035KIT 4 ALLUMINIO150041X41BU 10X25 INOXSTAFF 2


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