TOT – Brass anchor

Fixing on solid materials such as wood, concrete, solid brick, natural stone.

  • Particularly suitable for walls wih a narrow thickness.
  • Provided with an internal metric thread to be used with screws and threaded rods.
  • Knurling and external grooves increase the friction against the hole’ sides.
  • Available in blister packaging for self-service distribution.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Brass EN 12164

COD Type Basic material Minimum drilling depth Minimum screwing depth
100100TOT 6x24Calcestruzzo3020
100110TOT 8x30Calcestruzzo3525
100120TOT 10x35Calcestruzzo4028
100130TOT 12x40Calcestruzzo4535

* *confezionato in blister trasparenti

COD Type E H R
100110TOT 8x30M82910
100120TOT 10x35M103412
100130TOT 12x40M124015
100100TOT 6x24M6248

* *confezionato in blister trasparenti

A= tensile. // Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg. // Tested on concrete R250.

COD Type A
100100TOT 6x24150
100110TOT 8x30200
100120TOT 10x35250
100130TOT 12x40300

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price € Packs for packing
100100TOT 6x240,20,180,12100400
100110TOT 8x300,20,180,12100400
100120TOT 10x350,20,180,12100400
100130TOT 12x400,20,180,1250200