Wc and bidet floor fastening

Floor sanitary fastening

  • It ensures a stable and reliable sanitary floor fixing through vertical holes.
  • Longlasting high perfomance is guaranteed by its solid and anticorrosive materials.

Material technical data

  • PLUG = PP Polypropylene
  • DOUBLE THREADED SCREW= Brass EN 12164 or stainless steel AISI 430 EN 1.4016
  • BUSHING = Nylon PA6
  • LOCK NUT = Nickel-plated brass
COD Type Description Application Base Material
020000WBBrass screwWC, bidetFloor
020400WB INOXStainless steel AISI 430 screwsWC, bidetFloor
020410WBL INOXStainless steel AISI 430 screwsWC, bidetFloor
COD Type A B C H R
020000WB75M6M6 cieco408
020400WB INOX80M6M6 408
020410WBL INOX100M6M6408

Thanks to its shape, Giolli plug blocks the screw in the sanitary fixture, eliminating the need for putty. It is especially suitable for floors with a crumbly or poor concrete foundation.

COD Type A F
020400WB INOX100150
020410WBL INOX100150

Venduti in Plastic bags

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packs for packing
020400WB INOX0,380,240,194100
020410WBL INOX0,380,240,194100