VTE CLS – High performing concrete screw

Fixing on concrete

  • TWO STEPS REVOLUTION: drill and screw to save about 50% of time comparing to traditional fixings.
  • Excellent loading performances thanks to the double action on friction and traction.
  • Strong and safe fixings even nearby edges.
  • Removable anchor.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Geomet carbon steel 321 7-8 μm

COD Type Basic material Minimum drilling depth Maximum thickness that can be fixed Minimum screwing depth
130030VTE CLS 8x60Calcestruzzo650-1050
130040VTE CLS 10X60Calcestruzzo650-1050
130043VTE CLS 10X80Calcestruzzo8510-2550
130045VTE CLS 10X100Calcestruzzo8525-4550
COD Type A E F H R
130040VTE CLS 10X602215106010
130030VTE CLS 8x6017,5137,5608
130045VTE CLS 10X10022151010010
130043VTE CLS 10X802215108010

A= tensile. // Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg. // Tested on 3000 psi concrete (20,67 Mpa).

COD Type A B
130030VTE CLS 8x60590670
130040VTE CLS 10X608301070
130043VTE CLS 10X802401000
130045VTE CLS 10X1002401000

Venduti in

COD Type Packing pieces Unit Price €
130030VTE CLS 8x6025
130040VTE CLS 10X6025
130043VTE CLS 10X8025
130045VTE CLS 10X10025