Adjustable support for wall hung sinks

Wall hung sinks fastening on masonry

  • Fast and easy to be installed, it also allows to fasten sinks vertically to the wall.
  • By adjusting the lower nut, it is possible to adjust the sink level during installation.
  • The load-bearing bracket – together with the support sprag – ensures a very solid fastening.

Material technical data

  • PLUG = PE Polyethylene
  • SCREW AND NUTS = Carbon steel 4.8 EN ISO 898.1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm
  • BRACKET = White painted carbon steel S235JR EN 10027
COD Type Description Application Base Material
021001LC BOX*11x460SinksMasonry
022001LA BOX*11x340SinksMasonry

* Packed in cardboard boxes

COD Type A B C D E H R
021001LC BOX*4601115513x27x3M128215
022001LA BOX*340119013x27x3M128215

* Packed in cardboard boxes

A = Payload value calculated in daN, with a cantilever load of mm 600. B = Axial payload value calculated in daN. Hollow brick wall and tiles cover. 1daN=1kg

COD Type A B
021001LC BOX*70130
022001LA BOX*80130

Venduti in Plastic bags

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packs for packing
021001LC BOX*0,540,270,16210
022001LA BOX*0,380,240,19210