Double fast fixing clamp support

Light duty pipe lines fastening

    • Double support for fixing pipe lines, fitted using a hammer.
    • For any type of wall, no screw is required.
    • Versatile: suitable for any kind of wall, it allows an easy and fast installation. You just have to make a hole on the wall and fit the support with a hammer.

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = Polyamide PA6

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Width Size
090610FRD 1616 - 172045
090620FRD 1818 - 192050,5
090630FRD 2020 - 212054,5
090640FRD 2222 - 232058,5
090660FRD2525 - 262064,5
COD Type A B C H R
090610FRD 16452016.5318
090620FRD 1850.52019.5318
090630FRD 2054.52020.5318
090640FRD 2258.52023.5318

Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg.

COD Type A B
090610FRD 162020
090620FRD 182020
090630FRD 202020
090640FRD 222020

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
090610FRD 160,540,270,1650250
090620FRD 180,540,270,1650250
090630FRD 200,540,270,1650250
090640FRD 220,540,270,1650250