Professional anti-mould neutral silicone sealant

Professional sealings even in moist environments

  • Neutral silicone sealant with alcoholic and anti-mould composition.
  • Fast polymerization and high elasticity.
  • With the special addition of anti-mould and fungicide chemicals.
  • Particularly suitable to seal sanitary fittings, showers, bathrooms, saunas, and for all those environments where there are high levels of condensation and moisture or where high hygienic levels are required.
  • Excellent adhesion on non-porous surfaces such as ceramic, aluminum and glass.
  • Suitable even for door and window fixtures, wood, iron and concrete.
  • Resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Neutral silicone sealant with alcoholic and anti-mould composition
COD Type Description
155240SIL-NTNeutro professionale trasparente - 280ml
155260SIL-NBNeutro professionale bianco - 280ml
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COD Type

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