Polyethylene foam protection for wc and bidet fastening

Wall protection for wall hung wc and bidets

    • Insulated material, resistant to compression, waterproof and it prevents mold.
    • Resistant to traditional chemical detergents.
    • Sanitary breakage risk reduction.
    • There’s a deviation compensation between the tiles and the sanitary fixture allocating the stress applied to the wall.
    • Suitable for any kind of sanitary system.

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = White closed cellular structure expanded polyethylene PE30 Isolene AU

    • DENSITY = 33kg/m3 ISO 845
    • BREAKING LOADS = Longitudinal: 360kPa Trasversal: 220kPa
    • AIR + U.V. RESISTANCE = Good
    • COMPRESSION STRENGHT = AI25% – 0,37kPa
    • HARDNESS SHORE 0/00 = 15/50
    • HEAT CONDUCTIVITY = 0,34 W/Km a 10°C 0,039 W/Km a 40°C

COD Type Application Base Material
020508SAPVasi, bidetMuratura, cartongesso
COD Type A B C D E


COD Type

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