ROSSA – Universal preassembled bracket for wall hung wc

Wall hung wc fastening and installation on masonry.

  •  Fast application: pre-assembled and ready to use. 
  • Suitable for center-to-center distance support between 180mm and 230mm.
  • Complete with shaped support for drainage pipe lines of 90mm and 110mm.
  • It is designed to bear a load of 400 kg, according to the UNI EN 997 and UNI 8950/2 regulations for wall hung wc and bidet.
  • Assembly instructions – included in every package – are constantly updated and provided with the installation measures of more than 200 sanitary designs.

Material technical data

  • Bracket = red painted carbon steel DD11 EN 10111
  • Components = carbon steel 4.8 EN ISO 898.1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm
  • Plug = PP Prolypropylene
  • Washers = White Nylon PA6
  • Caps = PE Polyethylene
COD Type Application Base Material
020502ROSSAWall hung wc Masonry
COD Type A B C D E F

Installation instructions are constantly updated with more than 300 kinds of ceramics! Do you need help? Call GIA's technical assistance at 0321.77.71.42 or send an e-mail to assistenza@gia.It

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