Reduction piece

Used to join different thread products

    • Designed to reduce and connect G 1/2″ threads to metric threads, and metric threads together

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL=Steel 4.8 EN ISO 898-1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm

COD Type Description
262601A 8-1/2"M8-G1/2"
262701A 10-1/2"M10-G1/2"
262900A 8-12M8-M12
262901A 8-10M8-M10
262902A 10-8M10-M8
COD Type A B C D E
262902A 10-8M10M8121013
262701A 10-1/2"M10G 1/2"161024
262901A 8-10M8M1012717
262900A 8-12M8M1212717
262601A 8-1/2"M8G 1/2"16724

COD Type
262601A 8-1/2"
262701A 10-1/2"
262900A 8-12
262901A 8-10
262902A 10-8

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
262601A 8-1/2"0,20,180,1250100
262701A 10-1/2"0,20,180,1250100
262900A 8-120,240,110,1250100
262901A 8-100,240,110,1250100
262902A 10-80,240,110,1250100