Heavy duty strut channel

Used to build brackets, cross girders and load bearing support frames, and pipe lines bracing.

  • The folded edges on the rail sides create a high sliding resistance of connection components.
  • The strut channel can be connected to different kinds of elements providing a wide range of solutions.
  • The shaped holes at the base make fixing easier.
  • The grid dimensions on the rail side simplify cutting and installation.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Carbon steel DX51 DZ200 EN 10142 sendzimir zinc plated

COD Type
160302PF3L MT3
160305PF3 MT3
160306PF3 MT6
160400PF4 MT3
COD Type A B C D E F L P
160302PF3L MT341412211330503000
160305PF3 MT341412.5211330503000
160306PF3 MT641412.5211330506000
160400PF4 MT341212211330503000


Venduti in Barre

COD Type Packing pieces Unit Price € L P Pieces pack H
160302PF3L MT330
160305PF3 MT36Barre--
160306PF3 MT61-
160400PF4 MT3630,25-0,13