6 holes channel base fitting

Used for wall, floor or ceiling installations.

  • Support bracket for PF3 and PF4 strut channels.
  • The strut channel and the JBR 10 bolt (cod. 161950) can be quickly connected together thanks to the special shaped holes.
  • There are holes on each of the three sides of the item so that the strut channel can be set even with a 90° rotation. Strong fastening thanks to the 6 holes.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Carbon steel DD11 EN 10111 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm EN ISO 12329

COD Type
161208PAP S
COD Type A B C D E F G H
161208PAP S13010851006213x2010047


COD Type F
161208PAP S500

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COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
161208PAP S0,310,210,15-5