PF – PF1 – PF7 – Grip strut channel

Used to build brackets, cross girders and load bearing support frames, and bracing pipe lines.

  • The patented knurling applied to the rail sides – both inside and outside – allows a high resistance and prevents connection parts from sliding.
  • The strut channel can be connected to different elements for a wide range of solutions.
  • The shaped holes make fixing easier.
  • The grid dimensions on the rail side make cutting and installation easier.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Carbon steel DX51 DZ200 EN 10142 with sendzimir zinc plating
COD Type
160006PF GRIP
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160106PF1 GRIP
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160108PF 7 GRIP
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
COD Type A B C D E F G L P
160108PF 7 GRIP30301.51610.52312.5352000
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160006PF GRIP30151.51610.52312.5352000
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160106PF1 GRIP32202.51610.52312.5352000
Aggiungi / Rimuovi


Venduti in Barre

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces
160006PF GRIP20,380,14-10
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160106PF1 GRIP20,20,11-10
Aggiungi / Rimuovi
160108PF 7 GRIP20,380,14-50
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