PF3 cantilever arm bracket

Pipe lines fastening on wall, ceiling or floor.

  • The rail sides bending ensures a high resistance and it prevents connection parts from sliding.
  • Made with PF3 strut channel and complete with closing cap.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Carbon steel DD11 EN 10111 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm

COD Type Description
161228PAP 30Profilo PF3
161230PAP 50Profilo PF3
161233PAP 75Profilo PF3
161235PAP 100Profilo PF3
COD Type A B C D E F
161228PAP 303001305069512,5
161230PAP 505001305359014
161233PAP 757501305359014
161235PAP 10010001305359014

PAP 100

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
161228PAP 30-10
161230PAP 50-6
161233PAP 75-1
161235PAP 100-1