Radiator connection universal jig kit

Right setting of the radiator delivery and return pipes.

    • It defines in a reliable way the radiator position by showing the amount of space it needs to be installed on any kind of pre-installed support.
    • Essential tool to define the right setting of the radiator delivery and return pipes in a handy and fast way.
    • The fastening can occur at the desired center-to-center distance.
    • Complete with easy-to-read graduated scale.
    • It also contains painted pipes and cam washers to simulate the radiator.

Material technical data

    • JIG = Anodized alluminum EN 573.2 – EN 755.2
COD Type Description
260030Kit dima500 - 900 mm
COD Type A B C D H L M
260030Kit dima500-9001/2"F1/2"F1/2"F1/2"G300600

COD Type
260030Kit dima

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces
260030Kit dima0,670,250,115