GICOLLAR® – Hinged copper pipe clamp

Copper pipe lines fastening

  • It prevents electrolysis that can damage the copper pipe line.
  • It fastens the pipe using a patented joint and blocks it just by turning the pre-assembled screw.
  • Its small size makes this pipe clamp particularly suitable for creating banks of parallel pipe lines.

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = Copper EN 1652

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Fastening Thickness Width Size Traction Cutting
091030GICOLLAR 1212M61,515155035
091040GICOLLAR 1414M61,51520,55035
091060GICOLLAR 15-1615 - 16M61,51522,55035
091070GICOLLAR 1818M61,51524,55035
091090GICOLLAR 2222M61,51529,55035
091130GICOLLAR 2828M61,51535,55035
091150GICOLLAR 3535M61,51544,55035
COD Type A B C D E
091030GICOLLAR 121.51515M6TCCI 6X7,5
091040GICOLLAR 141.51520.5M6TCCI 6X7,5
091060GICOLLAR 15-161.51522.5M6TCCI 6X7,5
091070GICOLLAR 181.51524.5M6TCCI 6X7,5
091090GICOLLAR 221.51529.5M6TCCI 6X7,5
091130GICOLLAR 281.51535.5M6TCCI 6X7,5
091150GICOLLAR 351.51544.5M6TCCI 6X7,5

Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg.

COD Type A B C
091030GICOLLAR 12503540
091040GICOLLAR 14503540
091060GICOLLAR 15-16503540
091070GICOLLAR 18503540
091090GICOLLAR 22503540
091130GICOLLAR 28503540
091150GICOLLAR 35503540

Venduti in Plastic bag

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
091030GICOLLAR 120,20,180,1210200
091040GICOLLAR 140,20,180,1210200
091060GICOLLAR 15-160,20,180,1210200
091070GICOLLAR 180,20,180,1210200
091090GICOLLAR 220,310,210,1510200
091130GICOLLAR 280,310,210,1510200
091150GICOLLAR 350,20,180,1210100