G-CLIP – multidiameter pipe clamp

Multilayered pipe lines fixing

  • Multidiameter: 4 pipe clamps fit pipe lines with a diameter included between 14 and 42 mm.
  • Handy: close the pipe clamp just by pressing the pipe line.
  • Suitable for hot water pipe lines, with temperature up to 90°C.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Polyamide PA6
  • TEMPERATURE = up to 90°C
COD Type For pipes Ø mm Width Size Temperature
092010G-CLIP 14-1814 - 181620Fino A 90°C
092020G-CLIP 20-2520 - 251630Fino A 90°C
092030G-CLIP 25-3225 - 321635Fino A 90°C
092040G-CLIP 35-4235 - 421645Fino A 90°C
COD Type A B C
092010G-CLIP 14-18203416
092020G-CLIP 20-25304516
092030G-CLIP 25-32355216
092040G-CLIP 35-42456316

For recommended loads see G-Fast and G-Clip fixig kit tables or the tables related to the plug used for a sliding fixing.

COD Type
092010G-CLIP 14-18
092020G-CLIP 20-25
092030G-CLIP 25-32
092040G-CLIP 35-42

Venduti in Cardboard box

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
092010G-CLIP 14-180,310,210,1550250
092020G-CLIP 20-250,540,270,1650250
092030G-CLIP 25-320,540,270,1650250
092040G-CLIP 35-420,540,270,1625125