Light duty fixing for insulated walls

Fixing on exterior wall insulation

  • Complete set provided with plug, finishing washer, threaded rod and M8 A2 stainless steel bolt.
  • No thermal bridge.
  • On EPS and XPS panels no previous hole is needed, thanks to its wedged shape. It has to be screwed in the exterior wall insulation together with the SW17 hexagon sleeve. The latter creates an empty area to be filled with the finishing washer.
  • Plug made of tecnopolymer as to be anti-ageing and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Material technical data

  • PLUG = PE Polyethylene

  • SCREW = Stainless steel AISI 304 -A2
  • COVERING WASHER = PP Polypropylene

COD Type Basic material
120350IP M8Eps - xps
COD Type A B C D E H
120350IP M88 - M835SW17/TX55704095

Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg.

COD Type F
120350IP M86,5

Venduti in Buste Trasparenti

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
120350IP M80,310,210,15130