Adjustable fixing for flue pipe lines

Flue pipe lines fastening

    • Support with adjustable length band for a wide pipe diameters range.
    • Pipe clamp available in galvanized or painted versions.
    • The 200mm long fixing screw can be installed at different distances from the wall.

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = Steel DD11 EN 10111 zinc plated or painted

    • SCREW = Steel 4.8 EN ISO 898.1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm
    • PLUG = PP Polypropylene

COD Type Descrizione For pipes Ø mm Fastening Thickness Width
070000STFZincata50 - 200M80,415
070100STF 1Verniciata bianca50 - 200M80,415
COD Type A B C D E H L R S
070100STF 10.41564.5M8M6x3020081070

COD Type
070100STF 1

Venduti in Buste Trasparenti

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
070100STF 10,380,240,19135