Copper pipe clamp

Copper pipe lines fastening

  • It prevents electrolysis that can damage the copper pipe line.
  • Strong copper pipe clamp with stiffening ribs.
  • The locking and central screws are in copper coated brass for maximum stress resistance and good esthetic result.
  • The Giolli plug makes it handy, reliable and suitable for every kind of masonry.

Material technical data

  • MATERIAL = Copper EN 1652

  • LOCKING SCREWS = Copper coated brass EN 12164 Socket head with slot and cross recess
  • PLUG = PP Polypropylene

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Fastening Thickness Width Size Traction Cutting
090030CR 1212M6110384030
090040CR 1414M6110384030
090060CR 15/1615 - 16M6110424030
090070CR 1818M6110424030
090090Cr 2222M6110454030
090130CR 2828M6110564030
090150CR 3535M6112674030
090160CR 42 *42M6111794030
090170CR 54 *54M61,214994030

* Questi modelli sono venduti senza vite centrale e tassello giolli

COD Type A B C D E H L M R S
090150CR 3511267M6TC 5X10385M6X6630
090160CR 42 *11179M6TC 5X10
090170CR 54 *1.21499M6TC 5X10
090040CR 1411038M6TC 5X10385M6X6630
090060CR 15/1611042M6TC 5X10385M6X6630
090070CR 1811042M6TC 5X10385M6X6630
090090Cr 2211045M6Tc 5x10385M6x6630
090130CR 2811056M6TC 5X10385M6X6630
090030CR 1211038M6TC 5X10385M6X6630

* Questi modelli sono venduti senza vite centrale e tassello giolli

Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg.

COD Type A B C
090030CR 12403030
090040CR 14403030
090060CR 15/16403030
090070CR 18403030
090090Cr 22403030
090130CR 28403030
090150CR 35403030
090160CR 42 *403030
090170CR 54 *403030

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
090030CR 120,20,180,1225100
090040CR 140,20,180,1225100
090060CR 15/160,20,180,1225100
090070CR 180,20,180,1225100
090090Cr 220,20,180,1225100
090130CR 280,20,180,1225100
090150CR 350,310,210,1525100
090160CR 42 *0,310,210,151060
090170CR 54 *0,310,210,151060