Adjustable pipe clamp

Light duty pipe lines fastening

    • Fast installation: the plug is integrated with the pipe clamp and the screw in a single shape in order to be easily inserted using a hammer.
    • Particularly suitable for copper pipe lies, it can also be used for any other kind of pipe line. This patented model with easily removable thicknesses is designed to fix pipe lines of various diameters using a single product

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = Grey Nylon PA6

    • SCREW =Steel 4.8 EN ISO 898.1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm. Button-head with slot and cross recess

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Width Size
093003CTR 10/14 *10 -141228
093004CTR 15/20 *15 - 201437
093005CTR 21/2821 - 281647

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COD Type A B E H R
093003CTR 10/14 *2812TCC 3,3X35255
093004CTR 15/20 *3714TCC 4X45306
093005CTR 21/284716TCC 6X58408

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COD Type
093003CTR 10/14 *
093004CTR 15/20 *
093005CTR 21/28

Venduti in Buste Trasparenti

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
093003CTR 10/14 *0,380,240,1920500
093004CTR 15/20 *0,380,240,1920500
093005CTR 21/280,380,240,1910200