SI – Insulated hinged pipe clamp for drainage pipe lines with adaptor and EPDM rubber

Noise-proof drainage pipe lines fastening

  • The patented S-shaped locking system and the open-close connection allow an easy and reliable execution of the fixed or sliding point.
  • The clip locking system speeds up the pipe clamp fastening with the tightening of a pre-mounted screw.
  • The special electro-welded adapter ensures 1/2” male and M10 female double hooking.
  • The EPDM rubber ensures the acoustic insulation uniformity around the whole pipe circumference.

Material technical data

    • MATERIAL = Steel DD11 EN 10111 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm

    • LOCKING SCREWS = Steel 4.8 EN ISO 898.1 with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm large pan head with slot and cross recess
    • RUBBER INSERT = EPDM halogen free silicone
    • TEMPERATURE = -35°C +125°C
    • HARDNESS = 55 +/-5°C Shore A
    • FIRE RESISTANCE = “E” EN 13501

COD Type For pipes Ø mm Fastening Thickness Width Size Traction Cutting Temperature
087075SI 75-7875 - 781/2" X M102,5251305070-35°C +125°C
087090SI 90901/2" X M102,5251455070-35°C +125°C
087110SI 1101101/2" X M102,5251655070-35°C +125°C
087125SI 1251251/2" X M102,5251805070-35°C +125°C
087135SI 1351351/2" X M102,5251905070-35°C +125°C
087160SI 1601601/2" X M102,5252155070-35°C +125°C
COD Type A B C D E F
087125SI 1252.5251801/2" x M10M6x40155
087135SI 1352.5251901/2" x M10M6x40165
087160SI 1602.5252151/2" x M10M6x40190
087075SI 75-782.5251301/2" x M10M6x40105
087090SI 902.5251451/2" x M10M6x40120
087110SI 1102.5251651/2" x M10M6x40140

Tests executed in a technical laboratory with dynamometric machine. For wall fixing, follow the seal characteristics of the plug or of the connecting support. Recommended load is the average resistance loads with a safety coefficient. 1 daN=1 kg. Data in daN.

COD Type A B C
087075SI 75-78507060
087090SI 90507060
087110SI 110507060
087125SI 125507060
087135SI 135507060
087160SI 160507060

Venduti in Cardboard box

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
087075SI 75-780,380,240,19-30
087090SI 900,380,240,19-30
087110SI 1100,380,240,19-15
087125SI 1250,380,240,19-15
087135SI 1350,380,240,19-15
087160SI 1600,380,240,19-10