TG hook and Giolli

Heaters and furniture fastening

  • Hook screw.
  • Universal Giolli plug for a strong grip even on hollow brick and solid, porous or friable materials.
  • Available in blister packaging for self-service distribution.

Material technical data

  • PLUG = PP Polypropylene

  • SCREW = Steel 4.8 EN ISO 898-1with electro zinc plating 7-8 μm

COD Type Description Basic material
1342006 TGGancioMuratura, calcestruzzo
1382008 TGGancioMuratura, calcestruzzo
3382008 TGs*GancioMuratura, calcestruzzo

* *confezionato in blister trasparenti

COD Type A B D E F H R
1342006 TG38.5415530306
1382008 TG516177.535408
3382008 TGs*516177.535408

* *confezionato in blister trasparenti

COD Type
1342006 TG
1382008 TG
3382008 TGs*

Venduti in Scatola

COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price € Packs for packing
1342006 TG0,310,210,15100600
1382008 TG0,310,210,15100600
3382008 TGs*0,340,090,1710+1010