No vibration support

Anti-vibration support for air conditioners and engines

  • Sound insulation of the item from the surface it stands on.
  • Complete with TE hexagon-head bolt, washers, hexagon nut (or stainless steel self-locking hexagon nut) and insulating EPDM rubber.

Material technical data

  • ANTI = Stainless steel AISI 304 – EN 10088

  • RUBBER =black EPDM
  • HARDNESS = 55 +/- 5° Shore A
  • TEMPERATURE = -30°C+115°C

COD Type
161725ANTI 1
COD Type A B C D E
161725ANTI 12615157M8 x 45

COD Type
161725ANTI 1

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COD Type L P H Pieces pack Packing pieces Unit Price €
161725ANTI 10,080,150,11-20